Baysville 2018 Arts and Crafts Festival Artisans


Johnathan Bullock Pottery Bullock, Johnathan

Wheel- thrown, hand-carved stoneware. All glazes made from minerals. Functional wares, garden sculptures, floral Ikebana (floral arrangements).

The Potters Studio & Gallery Gray, Karen

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Canada Carver Thomas, John

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Catajjen Markel, Allen

Hand crafted wood products, created from hard and softwoods, local and exotics. Include bone shell, coral, nut and recycled ivory as decorative accents. All inlays are hand made. Usual finish is oil and wax. Urethane is sometimes applied.

Chuck and Wood Leszczak, Terry

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Creative Wood Products Frost, Brian

Creative Wood Products is proud to say that every item is hand made in Brian's workshop. Each cutting board or peppermill is pieced together with care to show the wood grain to the best advantage. Described as "functional art", our products will enhance any kitchen or dining area. Whether it is a serving platter, baguette board or end grain cutting board, any piece is sure to be a hit when cooking or entertaining.

Gerry Woodcraft Mongeau, Gerald

Hand crafted large wooden transport toys.

Ravens Wood Studio Neilson, Steve

Inspired by nature, these creations by a prize winning local woodturner, make beautiful gifts for someone special or for your own home. Using mostly found and reclaimed local wood, Steve creates a wide variety of unique items including food safe bowls, pen sets, scarf/hair pins and ornaments. Natural edge and knitting bowls are popular choices. Come and see what happens when "the wood talks to you".

Wud Wurx Glassco, Dan

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Cook's Gourmet Cook, Dave and Sandy

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Mark's Muskoka Maple Lupton, Mark and Hazel

Maple products - syrup, butter, candies and other maple delights.