Plan your Surf & Turf dinner for

FRIDAY JULY 1st, 2022

Order NOW until 10 pm, June 26th at:

In support of Baysville Curling & Bocce Club!!

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SURF = Steamed Lobsters (Approx. 1 lb.)


Lobsters freshly caught by New Brunswick fishers, steamed, stored on ice, and flown overnight.

In the morning, our team will pick up the chilled lobsters at Toronto Pearson airport and drive the cooler boxes to Baysville. Pick up is Thursday, June 30th from 3pm to 10pm.

TURF = Shish-kabobs … New This Year!

$20 per package

Marinated shish-kabobs fresh and ready for your grill from Ellas Meat Market, specializing in Greek marinated kabobs for 45 years.

Four types of separately packaged kabobs to choose from.

Chicken (x6) Beef (x4), Lamb (x4) and Pork (x6) kabobs per package.

Everyone can enjoy!

DIP = Tzatziki (the first “T" is almost silent!)

A delicious yoghurt, cucumber, and garlic dip for your kabobs.




3pm - 10pm

Baysville Curling Club

10 Carol Street


**Remember to bring your cooler bag!!**

ORDER NOW, please!